Photography has been a part of my life from a very young age, starting with a camera not more than 3” wide that I carried everywhere.
My art has been influenced by Impressionist painters and current painter Charles Penley. My college professor, Gene Massin, had the biggest influence on my work teaching me to focus my drawings on a small part of a large object and to find the beauty in those details. I have tried to carry this to my photography capturing small, tiny things in my photos, things that are typically overlooked.
I also enjoy capturing the patterns in everyday things, using the contrast of light and dark to capture feelings and capturing scenes of bright colors.
I earned a Certificate of Photography from Emory University in January 2016.  My current passion is fine art car and motorcycle photography, still life photos featuring my own painted backdrops and travel photography. My most recent photography trips were to Cuba, California, Arizona, Appalachian Mountains, the Florida Keys, and the Florida Everglades.